The Mirt Traffic Light and Signal Control Device

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The following is a representative list of commonly “authorized” users of Traffic Signal Preemption devices. The regulation (if any) of legal users varies state by state and local by local governing body. In general, Traffic Signal Preemption is typically approved for use by any department or individual who has legitimate need for such a device for conducting business of an “official” or “emergency” nature. You should go to your state’s “Department of Transportation” web site link and speak with local authorities to learn the details for your area.

In addition, some areas may not yet have all (or in some cases “any”) of their traffic lights equipped with the technology that receives the Traffic Signal Preemption signal. You may check with the locality’s Department of Traffic Management.

Potential Users Include:

  • Police
  • Fire (including volunteers)
  • Private detectives
  • Investigators of all kinds
  • Doctors
  • Hospital personnel
  • Paramedics
  • EMS
  • Volunteer 1st Responders
  • Ambulance Personnel
  • Security Personnel
  • Emergency Volunteers
  • HazMat Personnel
  • Traffic Signal Installation workers
  • City & State Highway Workers
  • Community Services personnel
  • Maintenance, & Repair Personnel
  • State and Federal Law Enforcement Officials
  • State and Federal Motorcades
  • Funeral Homes (for processions) Investigative

D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation) Web Sites

Please view your state's Department of Transportation's web site, which should contain information regarding their preemption laws. If the laws are not posted on your state's web site, please contact the appropriate Department of Transportation by phone to determine those rules and regulations.